The capacity for progress of our societies is based, among other elements, on their capacity to consult with youth, listen to them and incorporate their contribution and responsibility today as well as in the building and designing of the future. Youth have a right to participate and they have proven that they could be drivers of positive change. While youth are increasingly and constructively engaging in society, through different forms and practices, contributing to community building and development, they are not adequately represented in formal political institutions and processes such as Parliaments, political parties, elections, and public administrations. For example, the average age of parliamentarians globally is 53, only 1.65 per cent of parliamentarians around the world are in their 20s and 11.87 per cent are in their 30s. 

To enhance the political inclusion of young people, the Youth-SWAP aims to:

 Ensure the progressive, substantive inclusion of young people in political and decision-making processes at local, national, regional and international levels

In 2013 the IANYD and its member entities achieved notable results in the thematic area of political inclusion by contributing to the implementation of the following measures on a global, regional and national level:
  • Young people’s participation in inclusive political processes and democratic practices supported
  • Young people’s inclusion in decision making and in all levels of development processes supported

For details on specific activities, joint programmes, achievements and progress at the global, regional and country levels, please read the 2014 System-wide Action Plan on Youth Report, available here.