Education is central to development and to ensuring sustainable livelihoods for young people around the world. Education can become a catalyst for eradicating poverty and hunger as well as in combating gender-based violence, promoting gender equality and sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth. However, data shows that much remains to be done to ensure access to education to all young women and men: for example, 10.6 per cent of youth globally are non-literate.
Efforts to enhance youth education have to take into consideration the need for comprehensive sexuality education that emphasizes a holistic approach to human development and sexuality. Evidence has shown that comprehensive sexuality education can provide young people with the knowledge, skills and efficacy to make informed decisions about their sexuality and lifestyle. Education has been identified as a priority area in multiple internationally agreed development goals.

To tackle the described challenges in the area of education, including comprehensive sexuality education, the Youth-SWAP aspires to:

Ensure that young people, on an inclusive, equitable, universal basis are actively learning in formal or non-formal education systems, and are receiving quality education on sexual and reproductive health.

In the this first year of the implementation of the Youth-SWAP, the IANYD and its members have implemented several initiatives on a global, regional and national level, contributing to the commitments laid down in the Youth-SWAP: 

  • Strengthen the capacity of countries to develop high quality inclusive education, learning and training policies and programmes for young people
  • Influence the global agenda in inclusive, gender sensitive and quality education for young people
  • Support efforts to provide young people with evidence-based comprehensive sexuality education

For details on specific activities, joint programmes, achievements and progress at the global, regional and country levels, please read the 2014 System-wide Action Plan on Youth Report, available here.