An online campaign is already underway leading up to the 2015 International Youth Day which will be celebrated on 12 August under the theme of civic engagement. Join the conversation and follow the hashtag #YouthDay to hear young people from around the world to share their stories, ideas and experiences.
The main event will be held at the UN headquarters in New York and is co-hosted by the UN Development Programme, together with the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, on behalf of the UN Inter-agency Network on Youth Development.
The event will be opened by the United Nations Secretary-General and will feature interactive panels showcasing inspiring examples of civic engagement from around the world. Jakapop Adam, from the UNDP-supported Thai Youth Anti-Corruption Network, Adrian Alfred, from the Guyana National Youth Council and Gloria Alcocer, Director of Organizacion Ciudadana in Mexico, will discuss the crucial participation of young people in politics. Other panellists will also provide inspiring examples of civic engagement from the Dominican Republic and the USA.
The event will highlight both traditional and emerging forms of civic engagement, which is also the theme of the forthcoming 2015 UN World Youth Report.
Civic engagement is a crucial way for young people to voice their needs and impact policy makers. This is one of the main goals of the United Nations System-Wide Plan on Youth (Youth-SWAP) which seeks to promote the inclusion of young people in decision making processes and help them engage in political and public life.
Today we are seeing young people from across the globe demand a greater say in both governance and economic life. The engagement and participation of youth has a proven track record as a positive force for change and including the future generations in policy decisions is essential in the drive for sustainable development. It is now our job to recognize youth, support them and ensure that they play a critical role in the implementation of the new Global Goals and sustainable development agenda.

Tell us how you are making a difference and share your stories on #YouthDay events that you are convening in your respective country. You can also follow the celebrations at the UN’s Headquarters in New York live on http://webtv.un.org/live/ and stay engaged on Twitter @UNDP4youth and @UN4youth!

More information at: http://undesadspd.org/Youth/InternationalYouthDay/2015.aspx

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