With the development of the Youth-SWAP, the IANYD and its participating entities committed to conducting an assessment of system-wide activities and achievements on a regular basis so as to ensure that lessons are learned for later stages of implementation and that potential weaknesses are addressed in a timely manner. Entities at the global, regional and country level submit reports to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, in its capacity as permanent co-chair of the UN Inter-agency Network on Youth Development, on a yearly basis. Inputs are compiled into a global report detailing progress.

The first report of the Youth-SWAP provides an overview of major highlights of efforts by United Nations entities, individually and jointly, in promoting the goals of the Youth-SWAP and addresses important lessons learned while giving an outlook for the way ahead.   

Given the strong emphasis of the Youth-SWAP on regional and national implementation, the report not only showcases examples of global cooperation but highlights examples of cooperation in regional and national inter-agency initiatives. 

This report therefore represents a consolidated effort at all levels and is strongly based on inputs received by the network’s entities, reflecting the strong commitment of all IANYD members towards the successful implementation of the Youth-SWAP.

You may read the first report, released in 2014 here