In 2012, the Inter-agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD) was tasked with the development of the Youth-SWAP.

A priority for all members of the IANYD was ensuring young people's active involvement and consultation in the preparation of the framework of the Youth-SWAP. From July-August 2012, a consultative and preparatory process was carried out consisting of a global survey to obtain inputs to the Youth-SWAP framework. The survey asked young people what they considered to be the main challenges and opportunities under the thematic areas of the Youth-SWAP as identified by the Secretary-General. Over 13,500 young people from 186 countries participated.

The results of the survey identified young people’s development priorities and confirmed many of the approaches adopted by the UN system to promote youth development. The survey results served as a basis for the Inter-agency's work in developing the Youth-SWAP framework.

Once results from the survey were gathered, the IANYD established thematic sub-working groups to fully flesh out and define a set of key goals and outcomes contained under each of its thematic areas, namely: Employment and entrepreneurship; protection of rights and civic engagement; political inclusion; education, including comprehensive sexuality education; and health. The sub-working groups have continued to be instrumental in providing inputs and technical guidance on these areas in its implementation.

After its completion, the Youth-SWAP was endorsed by the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination in April 2013. You can read the Youth-SWAP here