About the Network

The United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD) is a network consisting of UN entities, represented at the headquarters level, whose work is relevant to youth. The aim of the Network is to increase the effectiveness of UN work in youth development by strengthening collaboration and exchange among all relevant UN entities, while respecting and harnessing the benefits of their individual strengths and unique approaches and mandates. In the framework of the World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY) and its 15 priority areas, the Network advocates for, supports and reviews progress on the implementation of UN Resolutions, Conventions and the internationally agreed development goals that are youth-related. The Network also contributes to increasing the understanding and visibility of the UN System’s work on youth development. 



The Network aims to:

  • Provide a forum for cooperation and support;
  • Provide an opportunity for ongoing exchange of information on the UN system’s work on youth development, including through knowledge management initiatives and tools;
  • Strengthen and support cooperation to promote youth development, through joint advocacy, initiatives and other forms of cooperation;
  • Draw on the members’ networks and relationships with governments, youth-led and youth-focused organizations, donor agencies, civil society organizations, multilateral organisations and others, to advance youth development
  • Facilitate and support youth involvement and participation in the UN System and its programmes or initiatives at all levels.


The main objectives of the UN Inter-Agency Network are:

  • To identify key joint priorities and plan collaboratively to implement related initiatives;
  • To share good practices and expertise and to promote effective cooperation among the entities in programming at country and regional levels;
  • To identify global strategic opportunities, ensure coordinated input, facilitate and support sustainable follow-up mechanisms.
For a full list of members of the Inter-agency Network on Youth Development, click here